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My wooden pyramids, cones and spheres look very nice and interesting, and it is pleasant for me to hold them in my hands. During the lesson I swim about two kilometres. Seeing my great interest in gardening, my father has kept a gardener to guide me. Red loves to go for a walk, to run, to swim, and to play with a ball or a stick.

I practice a lot to improve my swimming skills. The recently purchased Christmas tree is a welcome addition too. I love the idea of always having a "current obsession". A hobby to one may be a profession to other. I have prepared many beds and plots.

The garden has to be kept under a strict check, mowed punctually as the grass grows at a speedy rate during the rainy season, and cleaned at least twice a week.

It is always a great feeling to have my garden admired and appreciated by other people and it helps me feel like I have accomplished a great goal. I am so fond of it that it has become my life and breath.

Find something that helps you forget your day and unwind. It is possible to grow the vegetables that are consumed daily and do not take up much space.

Steer clear of extreme sports as these suggest you are a compulsive liar. There are also asters, chrysanthemums and snapdragon in my little garden. Just look around and dream about what you might like to try. I like all kinds of music except rap.

Or maybe they will give you an idea for a project you might like to try.

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Literally, look around your home and see if there are any neglected hobbies that you started but haven't completed. Maybe you can join them. Use one font or two—one for headings and one for text.

Gardening Gardening is one of the best habits one can cultivate. Contact and personal info use your full legal name Education all college level and beyond Honors and Awards if applicable Work experience especially if there are gaps in your timeline; also can include non-paying volunteer and leadership activities done during medical school Research if applicable:.

sir, is working out in gym, playing shuttle, listening to songs, surfing the internet these type of hobbies can we add this in our resume and what is the proper format for writing the hobbies, can we define our hobbies in one word or do i need to mention in a proper sentence to look more professional.

I have also some minor hobbies and several interests which I don’t recognise as my hobbies yet such as religion. I cannot count how many subhobbies I have now if eg. I have to divide toys into Lego, action figures, model cars, teddy bears, etc. No description by Alina Kavai on 11 February Tweet.

Transcript of My hobby Photoshop. Projects Homework My hobby x 25 Lessons I have a hobby. This is one of my favorite activities.

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I've been doing photoshop, because it is very exciting. When I start to.

+20 Best Examples of Hobbies & Interests to Put on a Resume (5 Tips)

I love hobbies and I definitely consider reading my favorite hobby (unlike some people who tell me I spend too much time reading. Is that even possible?).

Other than that I enjoy yoga, sewing, blogging, scrapbooking and all kinds of DIYs. Mar 17,  · Do you have any interesting hobbies? Talking about free time and hobbies is a good way to start a conversation in English, or find things in common when you speak to others in English.

My Hobby of Fishing Essay examples - My Hobby of Fishing One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. Some people regard this as a boring or an old man's sport, but I value it much more than that.

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